You, a Spirit, dwells in the body. The Holy Spirit dwells within you.


This concept comes as a surprise to most. Understanding, accurately, how we are setup will provide dramatic results for health, change, and freedom. We are taught the Holy Spirit is “within”, the kingdom is “within”, within what? Who?

Think for a moment of a circle, put the term: “Spirit” within the circle. Now put the term: “Mind” outside bottom left. Then put the term: “Body” outside bottom right.

spmibo  Click for a diagram of what is mentioned above.

This is how we are setup, this is how we work. Mind and body are physically connected whereas the spirit is not. The spirit dwells inside the entity, sensitive to what the entity, our vessel, is experiencing but not actually controlled by it. The spirit remains in control of all. The body maintains itself in an auto mode, so to speak, which is in a constant mode of decay. Left to its own device, the body can decay rapidly or not so rapidly. You, the Spirit, can control all, not by itself but with the help of the Father of it all.



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