Healthy Living

Healthy living starts with what we let into our eyes, ears, and mouth.

Are you eating healthy? How would you know unless you witnessed yourself, firsthand, the process your food went through to land on your table. You may know the last few miles these edibles have traveled but what about before this? You’ll probably say “I don’t want to know”‘ This is killing you faster than you think.

The people living in North America before we did knew the principle for sound living: Live on only what you need. These days eating, for one, is out of control. And I would posture one reason for the fall of our food system: delivering food for profit. You take any food chain, supermarket, food manufacturer or giant, they are all in the business for turning food to profit. We all are eating food prepared for profit. Another way to describe this is eating food sacrificed to idols. That’s right, it may be true your diet consists of foods sacrificed to idols. Chickens are grown and slaughtered for profit. Cows are milked and slaughtered for profit. Fruit and produce are grown for profit, and not nutrition; This is the problem.

Our foods are stripped of nutrition then delivered to our table mostly to turn a profit to the breeder or grower. Care in growing or nurturing these edibles for consumption is only paid to adhere to the minimum of regulation. Most foods sold to us barely fill the requirements for “Edible for Human Consumption”. The result of this is death from the diet. If you look carefully you will see an epidemic of deaths from one’s diet. Thay call it cancer, stroke, hypertension, ulcer, now it’s acid reflux. When will we learn.

To be continued..